Ananya Arogyadhara

Started in 2001, Ananya Arogyadhara is a health helpline for musicians and dancers who have striven for the art and are in need of support for health. This is carried out through a network of medical specialists and hospitals who have offered their services for this noble cause and financial support extended by the Arogyadhara Fund. Over the years, artists have performed for the cause of this initiative and donations have been raised during such performances.

The scheme provides financial assistance for treatments based on the suggestions offered by a committee, taking into consideration the merits of the case. In the last few years, free medical checking camps were held. Financial assistance was given to artistes who were in need of the same for treatment and medicines.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, more than five hundred artistes have benefitted from this initiative. This venture of Ananya has been supported by artistes, musical institutions and connoisseurs alike.